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Post by Cwaniak-Obi on Sun May 10, 2015 1:20 pm

Here is a few guidelines you should know about our guild. We don't have many strict rules as we expect our members to use common sense. After all our goal is to create a good social environment where we all can enjoy playing the game.

•Please be nice, assist fellow guildmates, and keep up a friendly environment in guild.

•If you are offline for 40 days, you will be kicked out of the guild.

•If on flashpoint, ops, or any group run with guildmates DO NOT Need on every thing, be mindful of others and only need on items that you really need.

•Promotions are going to be every 2 weeks on Fridays after council meetings.

•Your main character is going to have a higher rank than your alts.

•If u borrow credits from Guild Bank be sure to return them within 2 weeks with at least 2% interest, more is always welcome.

•Donations to Guild Bank are always welcome, but they are NOT mandatory.

•We are looking for GOOD PEOPLE to our ranks, so if you are recruiting DO NOT recruit blindly, and remember to ALWAYS fill out member note of a recruit.


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