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Post by Rozzteck on Fri May 22, 2015 6:39 pm

Recruit - New members of the Defenders of Tython are put thorough a short "trial membership" to ensure that they get along with everyone and have no malicious intent. Their activity and participation is closely followed by the elders of the guild, their rights are limited and access to the guild bank is denied.

Trainee - Trainees form the basis of our ranks. If they are capable of creating a good guild environment, participate in guild events, assist fellow guild mates and keep up friendly, active communication in the guild chat, they will be soon rewarded with a full membership of the guild.

Defender - Defenders are full members of the guild. They have a good reputation and have earned the trust of the guild and its elders.
This rank allows members to independently perform missions entrusted to them by the high council.
In return for their dedication, they are allowed 5,000 cr and 30 items limit for taking/donating in the guild bank.

Guardian - Heroes of Tython who have proven their courage and loyalty in numerous battles and participate greatly in the life of the guild.
Their achievements and heroic deeds are rewarded with greater access to the guild bank which is 25,000 cr limit for
taking/donating or repairing and a place for 90 items in the bank vault.

Advisor - Experienced members associated with the guild for a long time. Active and participating in the guilds life,
well-known among the members, respected and liked. Advisors may be tasked to work towards guild recruitment and/or planning guild activities.

Officer - Officers are the most experienced battle tacticians. They can form and lead special strike teams operating behind enemy lines
or have designated special tasks. Officers choose personally the members of their groups within the lower ranks.

General - Supreme commanders of the toughest and most important missions in guild. Nominated by the Council to command the forces of the guild when the rest of the council members are carrying out another mission. Generals are authorized to take 200,000 cr, and 480 items from the guild bank.

High Council - The elders of the guild who help Grandmaster to make the right decisions. The best negotiators, wise chroniclers and the finest guild generals selected by the Grandmaster to advise and make decisions concerning the whole guild during High Council Meetings. High Council member is also a person to go to discuss matters that concern our members, allowing for private discussions that can be brought to the attention of the Guildmaster and Council Chairman if needed. The High Councilors work to resolve issues in a positive, collaborative, and effective manner. Council members have the greatest access to the guild bank: 6.000.000 credit limit and 500 items limit for the bank vault.

Council Chairman - Direct consultation of the Grandmaster and co-founder of the guild. In absence of the Grandmaster, Council Chairman has the authority to take command over Defenders of Tython guild. The Chairman shares the same guild rights as the Grandmaster.
Currently Council Chairman is Cwaniak-obi.

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