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Izyan and his family

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Izyan and his family Empty Izyan and his family

Post by Izyan on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:42 pm

Hi there - it's been a few days since I joined the guild and I thought that it would be great to let you know a little bit more about my character(s).

The Shelenko Legacy

Thirty eight years ago identical twin brothers were born on Coruscant. These were named Izyant and Izyank. At the age of six Izyank was taken to train with the Jedi Order but his brother Izyant was not not force sensitive and remained with his military background family.

In time Izyant followed his parents into the army of the republic and got married. Izyank kept in contact though not often as strong familial ties are not the Jedi way. He was being trained as a knight to battle the forces of evil who had so recently attacked Coruscant.

The wife of Izyant died giving birth to three sons. These sons were identical in looks if not temperament. First born was Izyan then came Izyans and finally Izyani. The time of testing came and both Izyan and Izyani were found to be force sentitive and taken into the Jedi Order. Izyans was glad to not have to follow as he enjoyed the freedom it gave him to get into trouble.

Over the next few years it became apparent that both Izyan and Izyani were strong in the force and had skills suited towards healing. Izyani however was impatient, jealous and not fond of the rules and regulations of the Jedi. He did not want to serve.

At the age of fourteen Izyani fled Tython and made his way to Nar Shaddaa. There he was able to secure passage to an Imperial world and as far as the family is aware - he vanished. However he was picked up on that unnamed world by a Sith and found someone willing to train him in the things which the Jedi had held back from him for all those years.

During this time Izyans had been in his own fair share of trouble with a string of minor misdemeanours to his name. By the time he was twenty Izyans had obtained the money to buy his own ship and made a decent (if not wholly honest) living moving cargo from planet to planet - no questions asked.

Character summary list

Izyan - Jedi Sage (main character)
Izyans - Gunslinger
Izyani - Sith Sorcerer
Izyant - Commando
Izyank - Jedi Sentinel

The alts are not in any way levelled to the same extent as Izyan and they will not get to his level until Izyan completes his own training which will take time. None of the alts are in the guild and of course Izyani will never be in the guild as he is evil brother we do not speak of. However I will, in time seek for the republic alts to be admitted.

Izyan is currently level 24 and just about to start his questing on Nar Shaddaa. If there are any guildmates also at the same stage in the story then it would be great if we could team up - get those all important social points and also clear though stuff quicker. I will have a look out when I am online and please do likewise.

What of the character behind Izyan?

Well he's one of those who can just about remember seeing the original films when they came out - I was very young at the time. SWTOR is an escape for me more than something that "has to be done". I'm not one who is hung up about canon as people and characters are individuals. It's wrong for someone to say for example that a Chiss can't be in the republic - not all Chiss were allied to the Empire after all. As long as the historic things are followed the acts of individuals are ok as far as I am concerned. Life's too short to get all hung up on canon!

That said I am an avid fan of role-play and whilst SWTOR is not ideal for role-play thanks to the lack of chat bubbles and the simply ability to do basic things like use the seats in cantinas it is still fun.

Give us a message if you are all interested in doing anything.

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